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Dota 6.78c Official map released!
DotA 6.78c has just released with some minor balance changes. Some popular heroes like Na'ix, Gyro and Alchemist got the nerf stick pointed on them. IceFrog also made a slight change to the Captain Mode. Download link below.

DotA 6.78c map download
DotA 6.78c

Dota 6.78b Official map released!
As predicted, the huge changes that happens in the Dota 6.78 are followed by lots of bugs. Don't worry though, this is a normal routine in the DotA cycle. Which is why IceFrog already released another map to fix that bugs. And here we go, DotA 6.78b, the bug patch for the DotA 6.78! Download link below

Dota 6.78b download
Dota 6.78b

Dota 6.78 Official map released!!
DotA 6.78 finally released with 2 new heroes, Kaolin the Earth Spirit and Nerif the Oracle. Massive changes also happens on the old heroes and items. Wow! The long await is over guys! Download the map now! Download link below

Dota 6.78 download
Dota 6.78

Dota 6.77c Official map released!
Hey guys! IceFrog made several changes on the Tranquil Boots. On heroes, as predicted, Drow Ranger's Markmanship and Nerubian Assassin's Spiked Carapace are nerfed. Download link below.

Dota 6.77c download
Dota 6.77c

Dota 6.77c news and update
IceFrog fixed some bugs in the DotA 6.77b. But of course some bug could be still slipped away and force him to release DotA 6.77c. And if it happens, don't worry, because this post will cover anything about DotA 6.77c. Stay in touch!

Dota 6.77b Official map released!
IceFrog has just released DotA 6.77b today to fixed some bugs in the Dota 6.77. He also remove the Christmas themed elements as well.

Download Dota 6.77b
Dota 6.77b

DotA 6.77 will be out before Christmas!
IceFrog recently has just put some comment in his profile page which let us know about the DotA 6.77 release date. We got several hints from his comments. The release date will be before Christmas and there won't be any new content yet, but we will get some balance and fix.

Finally! The Dota 6.75 is released! There are lots of huge changes! Lots of skill remake, 1 new item, and 2 new heroes! Download link below.

Dota 6.75 map download

Dota 6.75

Dota 6.75 loading screen revealed!
The Dota 6.75 Loading Screen

Awesome! IceFrog has just revealed the Dota 6.75 loadscreen in the PlayDota forums today. Click the image above for the full size! Can you name all the heroes in the loading screen? Share it in the comment section!

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