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Watch the video below for the tutorial on how to download Warcraft III and Install.
NOTE that this video does not own by me. It is own by DZANZOL. 

Description/Download Link

Reign Of Chaos: 
http://www.megaupload.com/?d=1JPDN8NU (Recommended)

There is Expansion Frozen Throne:
Website is NOT in English. When enter, at the top of the screen has something for you to Translate the page. Translate it to whatever language you want.

CD Keys:
Reign Of Chaos:

Frozen Throne:
If CD KEYS does not work, download Crack. Link at below...

When you have a problem with patching, download this file extract it in to the war 3 folder and run war3pathfixer


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Did you know?
You can make Apple logo in Warcraft 3 chat by copying the code below:
You can do it by your own by typing this code:
ALT+0239        - ï
ALT+0128 [x2]  - €
NOTE:You can only type the code by using your NumPad or it will not work.Doing it in Warcraft III it also will not work.

Dota Fact:
Mogul KhanCounter Helix
Axe's Counter Helix deals physical damage. It can be triggered on the illusions.

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